Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an alternative model of primary care that prioritizes the patient-doctor relationship and minimizes the influence of outside forces such as insurance companies, large healthcare organizations, and government. It's core emphasis is on an enduring and trusting relationship between patient and primary care physician.


It works through an affordable monthly membership, similar to a gym membership, rather than billing third-parties. By not being subject to the restrictions imposed by insurance companies for reimbursement,

patient communications and visits can be expanded to include virtual visits, phone calls, direct text messaging as well as in-person visits.

Eliminating third-party billing substantially lowers practice overhead, a financial savings that allow for smaller practice panels and keeps monthly memberships affordable. Time previously spent on completing paperwork for insurance reimbursement can now be invested in patient relationships.


The smaller patient panels, increased flexibility, and more time for clinical concerns allows for direct and timely access to the physician, and longer visit times with patients to address urgent issues as well as prevention and wellness and 

  • Helps patients to take control of their own healthcare

  • Prioritizes and supports the patient-doctor 
primary care relationship

  • Is supported by the American Academy of Family Physicians

  • Offers pricing designed to be reasonable and 

  • Is not insurance

  • Is not concierge medicine (distinguished by cost 
and the role of insurance)

  • Is an option for employers who want to offer healthcare to employees

We believe that empowering patients and strengthening the patient-doctor relationship is the key to achieving superior health outcomes, lower costs, and an enhanced patient experience.

A growing number of patients, physicians, and employers nationwide are choosing Direct Primary care.