Direct Primary Care

New England

Who We are

DPC New England is a collaborative network of independent physicians, professionals, and advocates who value

Direct Primary Care (DPC) as an innovative and exciting new healthcare delivery model.

Our Mission

To promote patient-centered, innovative, and cost-effective primary care throughout New England.

Our Objectives
  • To inform healthcare consumers, medical professionals, and policymakers about the advantages of Direct Primary Care.

  • To share knowledge, experience, and resources
    with patients, physicians, and employers who are interested in DPC.

  • To encourage and strengthen DPC options for patients in the New England communities in which we live and work.

We Believe
  • The relationship between patient and physician is the foundation of optimal health delivery

  • Patient-centered care should be uncompromised by outside influence.

  • Price transparency is import in healthcare.

  • Primary care is best and most cost-effective when the patient and physician are partners in optimizing health.

  • A system that values life balance for physicians is most effective and enhances care for patients.

  • Independent physicians are the best positioned to innovate, adapt, and meet the needs of patients and individuals.

  • All patients should have access to Direct Primary Care.